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HerpNET is a collaborative effort by natural history museums to establish a global network of herpetological collections data, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF No. 0132303) and a GBIF DIGIT grant. Sixty-four institutions participated in the HerpNET community (43 in the original NSF grant), with an open ended invitation to institutions who would like to join through VertNet.

The VertNet data portal replaced the HerpNET portal January 2015.

The VertNet portal provides new, improved services and ways to discover data, new data publishers that were not available on HerpNET2, and serves more than 18 million records from over 300 collections.

Comments and questions should be directed to the HerpNET/VertNet Co-PI: Carol Spencer. Sauromalus ater photo by Glenn and Martha Vargas © at CalPhotos.

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