HerpNET Server Specifications

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By Carol

Below you will find the recommendations for HerpNET servers in order to plan the purchase. Please keep in mind that these recommendations are for the essentials only. Individual institutions are free to purchase servers with higher capabilities if the budget permits it.

These are the essentials of the configuration, ordered by importance.
For a general purpose server the following are the minimum requirements I would recommend:

Dual Xeon processors >= 2.4 GHz

1 Gigabyte RAM

1 SATA hard drive
- size dependent on needs, but a good base is 80 GB

10/100/1000 ethernet

CD or CD-RW drive

Windows 2003 Server or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0

3 year support plan

For a general purpose production quality server I would add a second hard drive with the same specs as the first and RAID mirroring.

Updated 22 November 2005, CL Spencer.