HerpNET, GBIF and ORNIS Georeferencing Workshops

DanBIF Georeferencing Workshop - Copenhagen, Denmark, 27-29 January 2009.

III GBIF Georeferencing Workshop - Madrid, Spain, 5-8 May 2008 or GBIF.ES workshop site with videos.

ORNIS Georeferencing Workshop, UC Berkeley, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, August 2007.

II GBIF Georeferencing Workshop,Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2007.

I GBIF Georeferencing Workshop: 5-8 December 2006 at the Royal Museum of Central Africa (RMCA), Tervuren, Belgium, at the Palais de Colonies (Colonial Palace).

Please bring a copy of some data from your institutional database or some of your research to georeference with you.

Before you come to the meeting, please read these documents:

Bring a laptop computer. Both wireless and wired internet access will be available.

If you do not have a computer to bring to these meetings, please contact Carol Spencer.

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