Menu 5-8 December 2006

Morning Coffee: coffee, tea, fruit juice, water, mini-croissant and biscuits

Coffee Breaks: coffee, tea fruit juice, water, cake and treats

Lunch: Sandwich and dessert buffet, coffee, tea, water, fruit juice and soft drinks.

Tuesday Evening: Tapas and drinks,
small plates of manchego, chorizo, kippers, anchovies, grilled tomatoes, assorted olives, tortillas, etc.

Thursday Evening:
Walking Dinner (Buffet- Prince William of Orange)-
Greenland Halibut
Salad Nicoise with Anchovies
Ham with Sausages
Assorted Fish
Ham with Melon
Tomatoes with Mozzarella
Salad Bar
Warm Buffet
Dessert Buffet
Assorted Drinks - Wine, Beer, coffee, water.

Costs to Observers (these items are free to invited participants):

  • Assistance for conference and coffee breaks - Free
  • Lunch - 25 Euros per day, or 80 for 4 days
  • Tapas and Drinks on Tuesday evening - 10 euros
  • Dinner on Thursday - 30 euros
  • To take part in everything - 100 euros total

    Please notify Patricia Mergen as soon as possible if you are an observer and would like to partake in the food.

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