The mission of HerpNET is to bring the accumulated knowledge from more than four million specimens in world-wide museum collections into currency for science and society by creating a distributed database with access from various portals. HerpNET will connect large repositories of information with smaller collections that have regional specializations. Similar efforts (e.g., MaNIS, FishNetII, MaPSTeDi, ORNIS) are being accomplished for other taxa and regions and the herpetological community is poised to make its own contribution to the study of biodiversity. HerpNET will bring together researchers from diverse institutions and will initiate and strengthen collaborations among natural history collections, conservation biology, phylogenetics and biodiversity informatics.

  1. HerpNET Statement of Purpose and Timeline, January 2003.
  2. Minutes of First HerpNET Meeting, 11 April 2003, Berkeley, CA.
  3. Server Specifications for HerpNET Participants, updated November 2005.
  4. Minutes of The Second HerpNET Meeting, PDF, 12 Dec 2003, Lawrence, KS.
  5. Goals and Progress PowerPoint Presentation from Second HerpNET Meeting.
  6. Georeferencing Steps PowerPoint Presentation from Second HerpNET Meeting.
  7. Distributed Databases and DiGIR PowerPoint Presentations, Stan Blum, Second HerpNET Meeting.

  8. 2004 ASIH Meeting HerpNET poster, large PDF document.
  9. "The point-radius method for georeferencing locality descriptions and calculating associated uncertainty" by Wieczorek, et al., 2004. PDF document.
  10. ASIH and World Congress of Herpetology Poster, 2005 Meetings - JPG format, 300 mb.
  11. Exercises for 2005 for Georeferencing Workshop - Excel File, posted 5 Oct 2005.

  12. "Georeferencing For Dummies" Rough Guide to Georeferencing - Excel File, posted 23 Sept 05
  13. Workshop 2005 Instructions and Georeferencing Training - Word File, posted 11 Nov 05
  14. Schedule and Meeting Attendees, 2005 Word File, posted 13 Dec 05.

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