Joining HerpNET

HerpNET would like to invite all natural history museums in the world containing herpetological specimens to join our
network. By adding more North American and international collections we will meet our goals of making a collaborative
database of all herpetological collections available. Those wishing to join have at their disposal the data standards,
software and documentation that were developed for MaNIS, ORNIS, HerpNET, GBIF and BioGeomancer.

All that is needed for a collection to join is:

1) A commitment to maintain repositories of high-quality specimen data.

2) To make the accompanying data available for the benefit of all.

3) We are using IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit) from GBIF to add collections to HerpNET and VertNet. You can read more about how to join HerpNET, VertNet, and IPT at VertNet or write to HerpNET Coordinator and MVZ Staff Curator Carol Spencer and VertNet Coordinator David Bloom directly.

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